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I wish there was some way for us to go back

And undo the past...

5 June 1982
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Renamed: "To Those Whow Would Look Upon Jesus With Lustful Eyes"

The rainbow bracelet wrapped
tightly around his limp,
weak wrist--a noose used to
help rectify Sodom.

He did not know why his
Father had forsaken
him, or cast on him showers
of flannelled men, pushing
and beating and hating
to blindly hate--all to
help rectify Sodom.

On the rainbow bracelet
the young gay scholar had
written his hopes in ink;
"Il buon tempo verra"

~Cory L.

I thought of all the grief and sadness and
Fucked up suffering in the world
Made me wanna escape.
I wish with all my heart we could just leave
This world behind.
Rise like two angels in the night,
And magically...

"Mysterious Skin"